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Iota Mu Chapter
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Instructions for Yahoo!Groups:

The address to send messages to the Yahoo!Group is Messages are subject to moderation for content and/or length, so please only use the Yahoo!Group for reasonably relevant posts. You must be a member of the Yahoo!Group in order for your message to be delivered.

To access the group online, point your browser to (it's the address on the directory). If you do not have a Yahoo! ID registered under THE SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS that you're subscribed to the group with, you will be offered one. It's free and relatively painless. In fact, you might have even been issued one at some point--I'm really not sure. In any event, log in with that. It'll provide further instructions that tend to confuse, but you'll need to confirm your e-mail or somethingorother (unless you have the aforementioned ID, in which case you're good to go).

Once you're logged in, you will see a number of options on the left-hand side of the screen. You can see previous messages dating back to the start of the group. You can check the files section for the most recent directory (and the Spring 2001 and Summer 2001 directories as well...I was lazy and just left them there). There are a few links under "Bookmarks." Then there's some other stuff we really can't use but I can't figure out how to get rid of.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, especially for you alumni and inactives, you can change your subscription. There are several levels available.

  1. Individual e-mails. Every e-mail that gets sent goes to your mailbox.
  2. Daily digest. All of the e-mails that get sent in a given day get bundled up into a single e-mail (which inconveniently discards all attachments, even html). However, in a group like this where there are usually no more than one e-mails in a given day, it probably won't make that much of a difference.
  3. Special Announcement. I just found out the existence of this one 27 seconds ago...apparently you can set up your subscription so that you receive only e-mails that the moderator calls a "special announcement." I think the only messages that can be labeled "special announcements" have to be sent from Yahoo!Groups itself by a moderator, so it wouldn't really work for all e-mails that would be relevant. So I suppose for the moment just disregard that option, as I don't believe it would help us at all.
  4. No e-mail. You won't receive any e-mails BUT you can still send them to the group. You can also check the messages you missed online.
  5. Unsubscribe. This cuts you out completely. You can't send messages to the group, and if you want to re-join later you'll have to supplicate (well, at least ask nicely). Alternatively, if you wish to send an e-mail to everyone, you can send it to (the chapter's e-mail address) and the secretary can forward it.

Direct further inquiries to